When you book your theort test you'll need:

  • Your provisional driving licence number 

  • A debit or credit card for payment

  • Your preferred dates and times for the test

  • Details of any special requirements 


The theory test currently costs £31 this covers both parts of the test. 

The theory test consists of a multiple choice and a hazard perception test.

If youI fail one part of the test, you'll have to retake both parts.


For both sections of the test you'll need to study The Highway Code.

Being a good driver is about more than handling a car. You also need to know what road-signs mean, what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen. 



The first part of your theory test is a multiple-choice section designed to test your understanding of the rules of the road, including signs, road markings and appropriate reactions to situations. You'll have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, and need to correctly answer 43 or more to pass.

Questions are chosen at random from a bank of over 1,000 possibilities, and you will be given some questions in the form of a case study. During the test you’ll have the option to skip questions and return to them later.


Hazard perception

For this you'll watch a series of 14 one-minute video clips, each showing potential hazards involving road conditions, pedestrians or road users. You respond to each hazard by clicking the mouse button. There are 15 hazards to identify and you can score up to 5 points on each one, depending on how quickly you identify them. You need to score 44 out of 75 to pass.


Theory test day

  • Make sure you have both parts of your driving licence (the photo card and the paper counterpart

  •  If you’ve got an old-style paper licence your need a signed driving licence and a valid passport.

  • If you can’t present these at the test centre, you’re not allowed to sit the test and you’ll lose your fee!


Good luck!


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When you book your practical driving test you'll need:

  • Your provisional driving licence

  • Your theory test certificate number

  • A debit or credit card for payment

  • Your preferred dates and times for the test Remember to make sure i'm  available on the day 

  • Details of any special requirements such as an interpreter


A weekday practical test costs £62. Evening, weekend and bank holiday tests cost £75. 

Call DVSA (0870 0101 372)  if you have any problems booking your theory test online 

If required I can book your test for you without charging you extra. 


Driving Test Cancellations
The practical test can be rearranged up to three times;

The DVSA requires three clear working days notice of cancellation or postponement of a driving test.

Failure to provide the required notice will result in the loss of your test fee. 


If you're well prepared, the test should be very straightforward.

First off, the examiner will test your eyesight by asking you to read a number plate from a distance. Before setting off, they'll also ask you a couple of questions about the car so you can prove you know it's safe to drive. But mostly the test will be about showing you can drive competently and safely – and complete a series of manoeuvres.


You'll have about 40 minutes to demonstrate everything you've learned in your driving lessons remember...  

  • Look carefully to judge when best to come out of side roads

  • Use the controls correctly and demonstrate good observation when reverse parking

  • Use the mirrors effectively long before you change direction or slow down

  • Use the controls correctly and demonstrate good observation when reversing round a corner

  • Use signals correctly, including how to cancel them and not give misleading ones

  • Move away correctly from stationary positions, including good observation

  • Use the correct road position, particularly on bends, and show good lane discipline on roundabouts

  • Have good steering control, when making left or right turns for example

  • Get in the correct position when turning right

  • Don't hesitate or cause delay. Always pull out promptly at junctions. 


You have to wait at least 3 clear working days before taking your test again if you don’t pass.


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Please note;

  • The booking period for driving tests will be two hours

  • LWise driving school reserve the right to refuse use of their driving school vehicle  for tests if It considers that provision of the vehicle could cause a risk to public safety.

  • While LWise driving school will make every effort to ensure that the vehicle supplied for test will be fully road worthy and comply with all legal requirements at the start of the test, LWise driving school cannot be held responsible for vehicle failure that occurs during the test and is not liable for consequential loss.

  • LWise driving school cannot be held responsible for  any postponement or cancellation of tests by the pupil or the DVSA  due to bad weather, sickness, staff shortages or other reasons.  However every assistance will be offered in arranging a new test should this occur and I will advise you on how to reclaim expenses from the DSA should the test be cancelled without prior notice. 





LWise Driving School


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Highway Code - online version



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