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For further details or friendly informal chat the best time to call is after 9pm

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Independent Advanced Driving Instructor

R Russell


Tel: 07516 434563

Covering central Essex including

Braintree, Witham and surrounding areas. 

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My promise to you is that I will encourage your child to accomplish safe driving for life.

I understand that you may feel anxious; finding the right driving school for your child can make all the difference. I am always happy to help with any aspect of driving tuition and would happily explain the syllabus or any concerns you and your son/daughter may have. I  would advise your son/daughter to read my driving school scams page before booking lessons with any driving school.


Being a solo driving instructor safely is imperative... I need my car in good condition for my next pupil thus teaching your child how to driving safely is essential, I should add at this point that my dual-controlled car with power steering for maximum control is fully insured for driving tuition. 


Your son/daughter will learn in a relaxed, stress-free environment tailored to their ability to learn the high degree of driving skills needed to secure many years of safe enjoyable driving and the confidence to pass the driving test first time.


You’re extremely welcome to sit in the back during your son/daughter’s driving lesson. This can be very useful, especially if you are one of the many parents that aren't keen for them to practice in their cars and are genuinely too fearful to sit in with them.


For further details or friendly informal chat the best time to call is after 9pm fortunately for me, I am often busy giving lessons to take day time calls but if you wish to leave me a message by text or on my contact page I will text or ring you back after lesson. 


How you can help your son/daughter


  • Ask them to read the number plate of a parked vehicle to check eyesight.

  • Inform driving instructor of any health problems or 'Learning difficulties' 

  • Remind them they will need both parts of their driving licence – the photo card and paper counterpart

  • Remind them to wear glasses, if they need them – eyesight will be checked.

  • Remind them they need to pay for lesson if not pre-paid

  • Remind them to wear comfortable clothes/shoes – no sandals or high heels

  • Remind them they must be below the legal limit for alcohol to drive - no partying the night before lessons

  • Relax


Make sure they have the following with them when they take their theory test:

  • Driving licence – the photo card and paper counterpart 

  • If you can’t present these at the test centre, you’re not allowed to sit the test and you’ll lose your fee!


Practice lessons

  •  I advocate plenty of practice between lessons and would advise you to sit in on a driving lesson first

  •  Having practice lessons with you will save them money and should  reassure you that they are driving safely remember, to make sure they are covered on your car insurance policy.

  • Stop lesson if you become stressed and  resume  driving lessons when yours/theirs confidence is restored 




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