Applying For Provisional Licence
Before you can start learning to drive, you must apply for a provisional licence. 
To apply online for your provisional driving licence go to GOV.UK. 

Alternatively, you can apply by completing the D1 application form, available at your local Post Office.


To apply for your provisional driving licence, you need to:

  • Turn 17 within 3 months (You have to wait until your birthday before you can drive on the road)

  • Have a valid proof of identity

  • Live in the UK

  • Give all addresses where you’ve lived over the last three years

  • Be able to read a new-style number plate from 20 metres or an old-style number plate form 20.5 metres

  • Not be prevented from driving for any reason

  • Be able to pay £50 by debit or credit card


The DVLA  usually send you your provisional within 3 weeks of receiving your application ,

it may take longer if personal details have to be checked.  


Whist waiting for your Provisional Driving Licence to arrive... 

  • Study for both sections of the theory test by reading the online Highway Code or The Official DVSA

  • Guide to Driving.

  • Check out driving schools in your area and decide on Weekly Lessons, Intensive or Crash Course. 

       Many people naturally assume that an intensive course is the quickest way of passing your test, it isn’t.


When you have your provisional licence book your theory and hazard test! 


If you need advise please leave a message or call me after 9pm


Highway Code

The DSA developed the Official Highway Code to protect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders and drivers. Breaking the rules of the Official Highway Code is a criminal offence and you will be judged on your familiarity with them during your practical driving test.


Some of the most important rules are:

  • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.

  • Maximum speed limits are not a target. Use common sense to determine what speed is appropriate for the traffic, road and conditions.

  • When approaching a pedestrian crossing, road works, traffic lights or control system, you have to be able to stop if necessary.

  • Be aware of cyclists and pedestrians around you and anticipate what they might do. Especially tourists and children are likely to step out into the road while looking the other way.

  • Don’t try to intimidate other road users by driving too close behind them. If they pull out into your path at a junction, slow down and hold back so that they can get clear.

  • Don’t play loud music while driving. This is distracting and may mask important sounds around your car.

  • Don’t operate your satnav, sound system, mobile phone or other distracting devices while driving.



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